Vaccine Community Connectors campaign exceeds goal in under 100 days.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

According to the BlueCross BlueShield website Health Insurance providers help vaccinate more than 2 million Seniors against COVID-19, in underserved communities.

What does this mean?

Vaccine Community Connectors

have committed to reducing vaccine disparities with a focus on getting seniors 65+ vaccines. This is a joint effort between The BlueCross BlueShield Association and America’s Health Insurance Plans ”AHIP.”

Lets all continue to work hard to get everyone vaccinated. Of course, this is a very personal choice but if it is right for you or your family you should never find yourself unable to get a vaccine Programs like this make that possible.

This is just another step closer to getting life “back-to-normal” or closer to “pre-COVID” normal, anyway!


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