Relative Value Units (RVUs) and the calculation Formula

Calculating Relative Value Units can be complicated, but here is a breakdown in an attempt to make it simpler

This diagram is taken from my teaching resources and is provided from Cengage's book, Understanding Health Insurance A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement 2021 version as a teaching tool only. Please know that the figures and numbers provided are used as EXAMPLES only and will not be specific to your region or locale.

This link:

will take you to the CMS RVU 2022 downloadable zip file which will have multiple resources for you to use. One in particular, in the file "GPCI2022" Excel file which provides the Geographic Price Indices by state and Medicare Locality

And then, the file "PPRRVU22" will give you the 2022 National Physician Fee Schedule Relative Value File that was the January 2022 Release.

The 2022 Conversion Factor is $34.6062, per the CMS website, as of today, 3/5/2022 11:33 AM

As always, I hope this information is useful, or helpful, ad if you are interested in scheduling a training or want additional information on the use of any of these tools, please feel free to reach out to me at

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